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McKenzie Forensic Auditors, Inc., an accounting firm, is retained by businesses and attorneys to help analyze, interpret, summarize and present complex financial and business related issues in a manner that is both understandable and properly supported. When engaged by attorneys, the cases often involve forensic accounting, financial or economic analysis, tax analysis and so forth. Much depends on the expert witness being credible, objective, experienced and a good communicator. As a result, our expert reports for these engagements are often used in court, and we may be called on as an expert witness, expressing expert opinion at trial.

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Financial analysis

Forensic analysis & investigation


Lost profits

Real estate


Corporate damages

Economic damages & losses


Estate & trust

We have 25 Years Experience Handling Complex Fraud Cases.

Nathaniel McKenzie, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), leads McKenzie Forensic Auditors, Inc., Firm’s litigation support and forensic accounting team. He and his team perform a variety of forensic accounting work for trial attorneys and business owners. He authors expert witness reports related to litigation matters and also testifies as a CPA expert witness on trials of complex business and personal cases involving all aspects of financial matters. He has testified on financial matters related to both criminal and civil matters.

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The term of forensic accounting comprises different aspects like auditing and investigative skills to carry out an examination into the finances. This type of accounting gives an analysis appropriate to be used in legal dealings. There are some crucial aspects that make you worried and shift your focus from the core operations of your business. There could be worries about the propriety of your accounting and financial reporting, regulatory scrutiny, anti-corruption inquiries, and accounting fraud. When you are looking for ways to safeguard your assets and reputation and resolve issues with minimum disruption to your business and prevent recurrences from happening, if so, then you have to get in touch with the renowned and reliable service provider that can truly make perfect statements. When you need to have peerless forensic accounting services then there is no one except Mckenzie Forensic that is the only famous company of this niche. We are the most consistent resource that is linked with this profession for many years and did countless projects with 100% results. We never compromise on quality and each of our executions showcase the worth and talent that we have gathered through several years.

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Management Collided with Employees
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We are a leading provider of accounting services and have helped numerous clients with their similar needs. Our team of highly-qualified professionals can investigate the suspicious areas and collect appropriate evidence to separate confusion from the real facts. We are not just hooked with this sole service but we do other jobs as well like audit business interruptions, divorce accounting, forensic audit business, and many more. Our ambition is to serve the clients at their level of expectations and bring the results without any flaw to showcase the real mature status.

With the concern of prices, we are the one that charges the most reasonable and affordable prices that is hard to find. We manage the cost of investigation and forensic accounting by billing our work based on the skill level needed to perform the work.